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Can we build another school, this time a Junior Secondary?

During my May 22 trip, we were visited by the Chief Education Officer, who in view of upcoming changes to the education system, asked if there would be any way we could help the County, by building a new Junior Secondary school.

These changes, which take place from January 2023 involve a reduction from 8 years to 6 years for primary education. Secondary education will also change, instead of 4 years at secondary, it will become 3 years at Junior secondary followed by 2 years at Senior Secondary.

The biggest challenge for the County is that they currently have no Junior Secondary Schools.

If we can raise sufficient funds, in time, we hope to build a brand new Junior Secondary School. The pictures show we have both the space and the deserving future pupils.

Quite a challenge, but one I am sure we can rise to!

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